“Thank you for helping my family go solar! It is something that we’ve been contemplating for a couple of years now, but it didn’t really click until we sat down with you to discuss. You knowledgeably showed us all the options and made it clear that you had our best interest in mind. The price was the best in town and the work was exceptionally neat and quick; I would definitely recommend Mac Solar to anybody considering solar energy for their home, ranch or business. Most importantly, I want to thank you for getting rid of our electric bill completely just like you promised. You exemplify your company motto of “honesty, integrity, and quality” about_pic2
Trevor N.
“Our system has been generating more electricity than we have been using every month since installation. We are pleased to recommend Chris and Mac Solar without any reservation.”


Richard K.
“With the system we have seen our electricity use decrease dramatically. This is HUGE for us. We run two households off of one meter and have consistently found ourselves landing in Tier 5. We went from electric bills of $500 – $1200 a month down to $75 – $150 a month. It is the best investment we have ever made on our home. There are many solar companies in the area and we met with many of them. The only one that impressed us enough to get our business was Mac Solar. We recommend them to everyone!”
Diana W.
“We decided to go with Mac Solar and have been very happy with the finished product. The panels went in quickly and we haven’t had an electricity bill since we were activated.We are very satisfied with our system and feel confident in recommending Mac Solar.”
Bonnie B.